The Best Clash Royale Arena 9 Deck Strategies

The Legendary Arena is still hailed as the highest arena in the Clash Royale Universe. The addition of the Frozen Peak Arena is the biggest update so far by Supercell.



Once you reached the said area, Legendary Cards will be randomly available in the [ Card Shop]. Though this is an occasional situation, the chance to buy them is enough to not only rely on your everyday chests to get legendaries. How cool was that?

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Clash Royale Arena Weekly Rankings

In the Rankings, many Arena 9 decks are well represented. This is because a lot of the Clash Royale strategies developed in this Arena can be something anyone can use even up to the higher Arena stages.

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Community Clash Royale

Clash community debate about the error Royale disconnect, military hack Arena when playing with one of the Chinese players.

According to information recently Game4V learn the status they talk about “Hack Clash Royale” appeared much and is talking straw on the Clash Royale clubs. This hack errors directly affect the outcome of the game play makes many gamers inhibition leads to abandon the game.



The first is military error can not be released while still stable wifi. There are many gamers encounter this situation when battling choppy lag, the delay results in lost without knowing why. Many players Clash Royale, said: “This is not the fault wifi because if the drop is due to the wifi is not military, this case is still extremely slow drop that military dc”.

In particular, this situation often occurs when playing against players with names in Chinese. Thus, in the judgment of many gamers around the Clash Royale group said Congress likely this is a hack from China.

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Clash Royale On The App Store

I have been playing this clash royale for about 6 months now. It’s pretty fun, and I’m in arena 7. The game is very good, and it unlike many games like consoles destiny allows personalization of your play style to actually be possible, is a skill game, and unlike most games requires you to spend 0 dollars and it doesn’t really matter.



I have yet to spend a cent on this clash royale game and I have two legendaries and several epics. If you want to be you your not limited to using a trifecta or a giant balloon deck to succeed, you can easily make your own and do just as well. I personally got tired of my trophy push internet deck , so I made a really fun mini pekka prince deck and made it to arena 6. It’s fun and it allows creativity and isn’t a time warp like clash of clans where you have to be on basically every day.

And to all those ten year olds whining about the rage inducing legendary decks, your brain probably isn’t developed enough to even play this clash royale, so you should probably stick to mine craft instead of hating this game because you stink at it. And if the game gets boring and you feel it’s getting hard and “your not getting rewarded” then just create a new account and see how far you can make it as an Experience level 1, heck I’ve seen them as far as arena 7. It’s a good game, and you should definitely try it.(but if you spam the laugh taunt when your winning then don’t even play this game, we could all do without that.

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How To Play Clash Royale

Supercell continued to introduce blockbuster gamer named Clash Royale, has just launched, but this card game has quickly won over the majority of players.



Clash Royale just launched in some countries such as Hong Kong, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland … but not available in Vietnam. However, we can still “legal risk” by changing the foreign IP address to be comfortable experience this game on both Android and iOS platforms 2.

Perhaps when they play Clash Royale something new to gamers as well, so we need to thoroughly understand the kinds of troops, the cards, until the tactics for how soldiers instance, attacks, upgrade, using Elixir so that reasonable, quickly earned win against thu.ale

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